Fertility Days Identification

As a woman who is planning to conceive, it is very much important to be acquainted with your most fertility daysin a month in order for you to get pregnant successfully. Some women are not certain of when they are fertile, thus they find it hard to conceive. This is why most of fertility experts teach women on certain ways to achieve the optimum time to conceive,

Identifying your fertility days in one cycle enhances much your chances to conceive because there are no other days that you are most likely to conceive except for it. For women who do not have regular menses, it would be so helpful if they are going to use gadgets of kits that will facilitate them to trace their fertility days. It is hardly undeniable that not getting pregnant is the most frustrating situation in a woman`s life

Fertility in One Cycle

Women normally ovulates at the 14th day prior of her monthly menstrual cycle and this is said to be the most fertility days of her life. If she got a 29days cycle, then obviously she would be having her fertility starting on the 15th before her menses is going to begin.

Fertility days just happen very quickly per month, therefore you need to be certain in trying to conceive during these days, or else you will have to wait for your next cycle

Methods of Identifying When you are ferttile

There are several methods recommended to identify fertility days in women. However the most common method of testing fertility days is fertility charting. It is done through the utilization of basal thermometer, examining cervical mucus discharge, and using of ovulation predictor kit (OPK) especially for women who do not ovulate on exact dates per month.

Checking for fertility using basal thermometer is done every morning before you are going to get up in bed. It should be performed at the same time daily to be more precise in getting your fertility days in a month. A significant rise of basal body temperature between .5 to 1.5 degrees indicates that you are ovulating, thus you are fertile/.

Ovulation predictor kit is widely known to be used in determining fertility days in women. OPK mainly identify the LH surge present in your urine. It is said that 24 hours after LH surge, you are significantly ovulating that would signal you that you are in your fertility days and it is the very best time to conceive. OPK has already proven and tested by several women thus it is very safe and reliable to use it.
And the last method of determining fertility days is checking the consistency of cervical mucus discharge. You are believed to be ovulating if you are having a cervical discharge like of an egg white, thus giving you also the indication to have the intercourse during these days.
Cervical mucus within the fertility days is very much gracious and welcoming to the sperm that`s why there is greater chances of you to conceive. You should always keep an eye to your cervical charges per month since it said to be the most accessible means of identifying days.