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This website is a compilation of information on cystic fibrosis and male infertility treatments, as well 
as our experiences on our journey to have a biological child.  

This site was created with the intention to provide thorough information to those seeking further 
guidance on male infertility caused by the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) gene.  I hope that all will find it useful 
whether it be a couple, an individual or a family in their attempts to biologically father a child.

About the site

1)This website contains facts and statistics about infertility and gender selecton as well as personal experience expressed within the journals, success stories from others and viewer input. Therefore, it is meant to be a starting point on your journey in self-education. It is by no means exhaustive and I prescribe nothing. Please research and weigh the facts well as the recommendations of any health care providers you are currently under the care of. Please take what works for you and leave the rest.

2) The views are expressed here, and all fertility, IVF and gender selection articles which contain documented facts, research and links are referenced. You can also read more articles on gender selection here: Our Journal input contains both the facts that bore on our decision making and our personal beliefs.

3) We encourage you to email us with any questions, comments, to share your story, or to inform me of more current or useful information. Please write "CF" in the subject heading. This website is for you and we welcome your input in making it as useful as possible for people with fertility problems..

Pregnancy Tips

Whether you are having a home birth or a hospital delivery the first few weeks after the birth can be hectic ones. Both you and the baby are adjusting to a new schedule. You are tired, possibly nursing and you may even have other children at home. Planning ahead for this busy time can really make a difference
Ask friends and family to help during the first two weeks, at least. If you attend church or are part of a group ask them if they would mind helping out with meals after the baby is born. Get them to help you prepare meals you can simply throw in the freezer before the baby is born. Not having to worry about preparing meals can be a life saver once the baby arrives. Have someone at the house who can cook, do general cleaning and who is willing to let you rest and enjoy the baby. Mothers are great for monitoring visitors. Station your mother at the door and phone and let her handle unwanted guests and telemarketers
Make a baby center in the room where you are going to spend the most time. This is especially a good idea if you have steps to climb. It can be as simple as a laundry basket filled with extra diapers, t-shirts and other necessities the baby needs daily. Tuck a good book in there for feeding time and keep your favorite drink on hand.
If you have other children at home plan some special activities just for them beforehand. Younger children will often become jealous of all the attention the new baby is getting. Have those who bring gifts for the baby make sure to bring something for them, also. It can be something as simple as a balloon or candy bar. Just a little something that lets them know they are special too